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This magazine starts off with an article by Mr. W. Ridge, the Production Director for Wade Heath & Co., Limited. He reflects on how things have changed in the conditions of the potteries to the mass production of pottery.

New Kiln at Flaxman Tile Works

A. J. Wade Limited recently purchased a Gottignies Passage Kiln and put it into operation. The kiln is used for the glost firing of tiles. The kiln has 24 small tunnels 40 feet long which the tunnels are arranged in 6 layer layers with four across. The tiles are placed on bats and slide through the kiln passages. When full, the kiln holds nearly 2,000 bats.

                                                      The Little Laughing Bunny     

Laughing Bunny Poem

Ears Perked up, and knowing look,
It's really rather funny,
To get into each nook
Of the Little Laughing Bunny.
Brush his tail, and cut his toes,
My eyes go kind of funny,
To sponge across the little nose
Of the Little Laughing Bunny.

I hold him up, and see his grin,
He really is a honey,
But does he know that I'm all in,
The Little Laughing Bunny?

I pat his cheek, so smooth and round,
He's worth a lot of money,
He knows he earns me many a pound,
The Little Laughing Bunny.
Mode Shape from Wade Heath & Co. Ltd.
From the Royal Victoria Pottery comes a new line of dinnerware that is a wonderful example of Modern Line and Shape. The dinnerware is the "Capri Design" that is handpainted in an underglaze finish on the Mode Shape.

Royal Victoria Capri Design Dinnerware Pattern

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