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The Jolly Potter Magazine was produced as an in-house publication for The Wade Group of Potteries which included:

A. J. Wade Limited - Flaxman Tile Works
George Wade & Son Limited - Manchester Pottery
Wade Heath & Co. Limited - Royal Victoria Pottery
Wade (Ulster) Limited - Ulster Pottery
Each issue of The Jolly Potter magazine contained news from the workers of the Wade Group of Potteries, such as births, deaths, and marriages. A lot of poetry written by the workers can also be found within the magazines. News from the potteries including newly issued items, crossword puzzles and comic strips are interspersed throughout the pages.

Below you will find a few scans of The Jolly Potter which are currently in my collection. Click on a magazine cover to enjoy some highlights from the magazine.

The Jolly Potter

Spring 1954

The Jolly Potter

Summer 1959

In 2001, there were a few samples of The Jolly Potter The Newsletter for Wade were produced and circulated to only employees. These were not meant for the general public.

The Jolly Potter The Newsletter for Wade

Issue 3, December 2001

The Jolly Potter is back after 45 years! In 2005, the magazine was brought back under the title The Jolly Potter the Wade Magazine and was sent to all members of the Wade Collector's Club. This is a wonderful addition to the Wade Magazine to be able to get an inside perspective of what goes on in the factory and what the employees also do.

The Jolly Potter the Wade Magazine

Autumn 2005

The Jolly Potter the Wade Magazine

Autumn 2006

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