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Many Disney pieces have turned up for sale as "unfinished" or not quite painted properly. When Wade sold the old carpark, much of the backfill was found to be unfinished damaged Disneys pieces - especially, the Merlin figures. Some people ended up sneaking into the construction site to steal the pieces. A fence had to be put up as well as hiring a guard to help stop the stealing of the broken Wade pieces. Most of the pieces can be found cheaply when offered for sale but far more are being restored and being sold as perfect. Almost all the unfinished Disney pieces have some sort of defect to the piece and do not have the final enamel glazes or decals applied.

To make things worse, many are improperly "restored" - they are so badly painted and touched-up they don't even look close to the originals, and it's clear the work isn't even done by a professional. Many times the parts that should have been decals are handpainted. Also many of the bright enamel glazes that were left off will be painted as the enamel glaze and decals are the last steps to complete the piece. These so-called "restored" pieces are an insult to all aspects of porcelain production, collecting, and restoration - and will never have any value at all.

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