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We would like to warn all Wade Collectors about the restored Wade Gollies appearing for sale, especially on ebay. The first golly shown on the left is restored, while the one below it is the original. The gollies appearing on sale are dug-up from the old Wade Car Park. The pieces are chipped or unfinished and then are restored. Most of the restoration is done poorly. The easiest way to tell which is original is to look at the eyes. Whoever is restoring these figures cannot figure out how to do the eyes correctly. The restored figure has oval eyes with the same thickness of white around a black pupil. The original golly has eyes that are decals and perfectly round - the pupil is lower in the white areas.

Original Golly
Round decal eyes.

Restored Golly
Oval painted eyes

Make sure you know that the Golly you are buying is in original condition. On ebay they are making false claims and selling the restored figures "as original and not the restored pieces selling all over ebay." Be careful as one seller on ebay is a porcelain restorer that is selling these very poorly restored items!  Another example of two different Golliwogs is shown below. Once again notice their eyes. The Golly on the left has the original Wade decal eye style while the one on the right has a completely different eye type.  The eye type on the right is not original. You can see that it looks to be painted and the eyes do not appear to be the same as a decal would be. The pupil is also much larger on the piece. I would like to thank Josie for allowing me to use this photo!

The photo to the right shows golliwogs with black bases. All the Wade golliwogs were produced with white bases. The black based pieces were probably produced in Portugal

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