Happy Wade-ing

Your Kansas connection for the porcelain collectible line from Little Critterz

This piece is very often confused as being a Wade piece due to the honey colored glaze and the weight and feel of the piece. Information on this Wade-look-a-like came from Pat Murray. Visit her website at www.whimsicalwades.com and see all the books she has written.

"Did you know that the 'Queen' also called 'The Georgian Lady' perfume bottle, which has 'Wade' stamped on the base of the metal stopper is not a Wade? If you think about it the Wade mark should be on the porcelain, not the metal, which Wade do not manufacture!

Although 'The Queen' has been bought and sold (sometimes at very high prices) as a rare piece of Wade, it is a reproduction of a c 1910 perfume bottle which was sold in USA dime stores together with a series of other models (a duck, pelican, owls, etc.) all of which have the same 'Crown' stopper. A photo of the 'Queen' and the other bottles can be seen in the 1996/1997 Millers Collectables price Guide, page 378."

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