Happy Wade-ing

Your Kansas connection for the porcelain collectible line from Little Critterz

First thing that really showed me that this was made to trick Wade collectors is that Wade does not currently have a license to produce Tom and Jerry collectables. The red oval Wade logo that is inside the box, was first used by Wade in 2000. Although I did not see this piece in person, I think the Wade logo was cut from a Wade box and then glued in as it appears to be a little crooked. If Wade produced the box, it would be similar to all their other boxes that are white and then have the red Wade logo. Wade did produce a Tom and Jerry figure from 1973-1979 so they would have had a license at that time. The backstamp shown on the teacup is actually the style of logo Wade used around 1959. So you can quickly see that the backstamps do not match from piece to packaging. The license is not even close to these time frames when the piece could have been produced. The last child's tea sets that I remember Wade producing was in the late 1930's and early 1940's.

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