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Your Kansas connection for the porcelain collectible line from Little Critterz

Many brass copies of the Red Rose Tea Canada Nursery Rhymes and animals have turned up. They are solid brass and are not Wade prototypes or pre-production models as some collectors say. The brass figures have been made by taking a mold off of a Wade whimsie. If the piece still has a label on the base, you would find that it is made by either the Canadiana Brass Company or Riverside Brass, both of Canada. One of the brass copies has been found with a made in India label.

The detail on the figures are not as detailed as that of a Wade whimsie. Much of the detail is lost from the process of taking a mold off a Wade Whimsie. The details are brought back to these pieces by scratching details into the figure after it has been cast in brass.

See below for a sample of some additional brass Wade nurseries as well as English Whimsies that have turned up.

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