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Your Kansas connection for the porcelain collectible line from Little Critterz

We commissioned a custom rearing unicorn from Northern Rose.  We had a LE 150 in black and gold, LE 150 in white and gold and a LE 25 in cobalt and silver produced for us.

Northern Rose's line of wonderful, whimsical porcelain miniature animals made its debut in July 2004. Popularly known as the "Rose of the North", Chiang Mai, Thailand is blessed with stunning natural beauty and is a major center of the world for fine porcelain. There is nothing on the market that compares to Northern Rose's depth or quality. Each porcelain figure is high fired to 1,300 degrees which allows detail and sharp crisp lines of the figures such as the fine spindly legs of the horses.

Each charming miniature figure in the Northern Rose collection is designed with a touch of whimsie and is individually hand-painted.

LE25 Cobalt Northern Rose Unicorn

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