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Your Kansas connection for the porcelain collectible line from Little Critterz

Click on the links below to view the different types of Wade pieces featured in our Gallery. These items are presented as a general reference for Wade collectors. These pieces will show a variety of the Wade pieces that Wade has been producing since 1810 and is no way a complete list.

These pieces are not for sale. To see the pieces that are for sale, please click on the ONLINE SHOP link at the top of the page.

KSWader Commissions       

First Whimsies

1950 First Whimsie Prototypes

Father Cox

Wades by Peg

Little Horrors


Absolutely Crackers

My Fair Ladies





Your Miniatures Commissions

Rule Beartannia

My Pet Series

Retail Christmas Crackers

Retail Whimsies

Wade in Canada Commissions

Money Boxes and Piggy Banks

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