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How Long will it take for my package to arrive?

It is really hard to say for sure as we depend on the Post Office. For the USA customers, we ship all our packages First Class or Priority Mail with tracking . Generally the packages arrive from 3-7 days, depending on the post. Once we process the order with our shipping manager, you will receive an email with the tracking number. You will be able to track the package through usps.gov.

Our International parcels are shipped First Class International. The post office says that packages will arrive to the UK from 7-10 days but online the site says delivery times vary. We have had it take up to three weeks or more! There is really no good way to track International Packages but USPS is working on Internation Tracking.  Canada parcels will be able to be tracked in 2013 and other countries to be added. Priority International with tracking is available but it is $20 for one whimsie. For now, International tracking only works in the USA and once the parcel leaves the country, it is not trackable. Our shipping manager does provide us with a customs form number that is scanned at the destination but it is not trackable. The US Postal service will not allow us to file for an International package search until 60 days after posting. If you would like to pay extra for Priority International, please contact us.

I am still waiting on an email answer to my question - shipment - etc.

We generally reply to each question within 24 hours - weekends excluded. We ship over 90% of the packages within 24 hours of payment. If you do not receive a shipment confirmation or answer to your question, please contact us through our Shop link and then the Contact US link. The majority of the time, the emails are probably being caught either by your SPAM filter or your ISP (Internet Service Providers) filters. You might need to contact your ISP and have us added to their safe sender list or you might need to add us to your list to avoid the messages being considered as SPAM. Make sure you add edrucker<at>ruraltel<dot>net and rucker<at>happywadeing<dot>com and order<at>happywadeing<dot>com to your safe sender list. (Change <at> to @ and <dot> to . )

Can you let me know when your new pieces come out?

The easiest way to find out when our new pieces are coming out is to sign up for our Happy Wade-ing Yahoo! Email Announcement List or follow us on Facebook. We generally post 1-2 announcements to the list each month. You will be among the first to know and have the opportunity to order our specials - many times at a reduced price. We also produce limited edition special colorways of each of our commissions for the email list and facebook members. 

What about Certificates and Boxes?

We produce mini "whimsie-sized" certificates for all our LE 100 and less editions. Our regular edition pieces are generally in a larger edition and will not have certificates. We have talked with many collectors about boxes and the vast majority would rather not have to pay the extra cost for a generic Wade box and many said they actually throw them away. This is the reason why we do not box our pieces, as we would have to pass that cost to the customer.

What is that white stuff on the bottom of some of the new whimsies?

Wade started produing their whimises in a new solid cast process instead of the pressed process in 2007. Some of the pieces you may receive might look like they have a white powder on the base or even the edge of the piece. This "white stuff" is actually kiln wash - a layer of a mixture that could contain kaolin , alumina hydrate and silica sand. This mixture is applied to the kiln shelves so the whimsies do not adhere, stick or fuse to the shelves. Kiln wash is totally harmless and does not hurt the porcelain pieces. It can simply be wiped away with a damp rag.

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